Custom design textured glass one surface is smooth and the other surface is textured glass which has a specific pattern or designs impressed into the surface. Custom designs textured glass is translucent glass. It can transmit diffused light while maintaining privacy. And there are a wide selection of alternatives designs to choose, meeting both functional and decorative aesthetic purposes applications and also be used for privacy in commercial, industrial and residential buildings,  such as doors, partitions, kitchen and balustrades.

Types Offered

Deep acid etched textured glass

After silkscreen printing stenciled design on the glass, Our craftsman put the glass into a tan of acid. According to the control of time, temperature and the chemical material in the tan, The glass surface exposed area forms an finish with rugged peaks and deep valleys. Deep acid etched texture glass can absorb and diffuses light. This effect is opaque. The different design has different level of opacity.

Light acid etched textured glass

Light acid etched textured glass is same process as deep acid etched textured glass.  When Etching liquid is applied to glass with stenciled pattern. The acid liquid reacts with the surface of the exposed glass, leaving a texture effect when it is washed off.

Obscure textured glass

Obscure textured glass is also named pattern glass, rolled glass and figure glass. A piece of clear glass is passed between two rollers, and the rollers emboss the pattern into the glass sheet. Different roller has different textured design. It provide a highly durable finish.

V-grooving textured glass

V-grooving can do any design that was imaged. It can create standard designs and custom design also. The glass substrate for V grooving can be any glass or mirror, like float glass, mirror glass, frosted sandblasting glass and so on. This V-grooving design can be used alone and also can be combine with acid etched, silk screen printing technology to create a myriad of design.


Textured glass features:

  • Perfect alluring  flawless design, royal look.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Different textured glass provide different levels of obscuration for privacy of decoration purposes.
  • Extensive range of designs and finishes.
  • Available with wired glass, and therefore suitable for glazing resistant to fire.
  • Available in toughened and laminated forms (depending on design) for safety and security.
  • Can be single glazed or incorporated in an Insulating Glass Unit for additional properties.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses depending on design.

Ginde Glass is one of the leading factory company manufacturer, supplier wholesales and exporter of wide range of quality texture glass. Our products cater to various industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

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