CNC Shape Cutting Glass

Louver Glass

 Louver Glass is produced by clear glass, tinted glass or patterned glass. By cutting to the standard sizes and polishing the two long side edges as the flat or round shape, which will protect the fingers from hurting, also supplies a modern performance in application. cheap price and professional services.

Mosaic Glass

Our glass mosaics collection includes elongated shapes in subtle colours for a sleek contemporary look and square formats in vibrant colours for a more classic look. You will find a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any bathroom or kitchen in this range.

Convex Clock Cover Glass

Convex Clock Cover Glass is made of float glass. After hot bending, make the glass convex or concave to suitable for clock face. We can also make individual design for the clock glass

Non-glare/Anti-Reflective Glass

Non glare glass is used for photo frame or picture frame to improve visual comfort by reducing reflected light. Non glare glass is produced by our sole innovated technology, with super technoligist by Ginde Glass.Direct manufacturer and wholes of non glare or anti glare glass from China.

Welding Glass Clear

Welding Glass Clear is used for Welding helmet mask for safety glass. Undistorted vision, resistant to common liquids, diameter: 50mm, thicknes: 2mm. Suitable for protection of welding glass against setting of droplets caused by welding.

2mm cutting size glass

Acid etched titanium ice flower mirror glass . it is used for windows , door , sliding door . rich in color and design .