Welding Glass Clear cover and Photo frame glass  are very popular glass product. And these glass products are Ginde Glass main product also. For manufacturer of the welding glass clear and picture photo frame glass, How to cut the 2MM glass sheet to make high quality product? Usually glass cutter is used for cutting glass sheet, but for the welding glass clear […]

Custom design textured glass one surface is smooth and the other surface is textured glass which has a specific pattern or designs impressed into the surface. Custom designs textured glass is translucent glass. It can transmit diffused light while maintaining privacy. And there are a wide selection of alternatives designs to choose, meeting both functional and decorative aesthetic purposes applications […]

Decorative titanium coated mirrored glass has become the popular exterior and interior building glass material in the home decoration and building.  Ginde Glass is proud to be the exclusive wholesales supplier manufacture of cheap decorative titanium mirror glass. Titanium mirror glass is unique and innovative in the decorative glass industry. The glass is manufactured by eco-friendly production […]

Different Finish Of Acid Etched Glass There are endless possibilities of acid-etched glass patterns from Ginde Glass. This product line consists of three different finish: light acid etched glass, deep acid etched glass and anti-slip glass. When combined with the choice of substrates, size, and thicknesses, the possibilities become endless. Different Design/Pattern Of Acid Etched Glass Whether client has specific needs. a world […]

What is acid etched glass Acid etched glass is to use hydrofluoric acid in a tan to make frosted design on full sheet or selected place of a float glass to create design by abrading or roughening on clear float glass, ultra clear float glass or other glass substrates. Why acid etched glass is popular Acid etched glass design is […]

In the industrial work, Arc welding, gas welding, and electric welding are the main work for production. During Welding, there are many dangers. Impact dangers: heat, dust, impact, or some chemicals; Non-impact dangers: radiant energy, eye strain, and fatigue. So the Welding Faceshield/Helmet and Goggles are necessary for the worker. How to choose the welding faceshield/helmet and […]

Now for the decorative glass production, Ginde Glass use multi-technology to create a special design to make different design and color to make the building more beautiful. Step 1. Ginde Glass  make acid etched on the auto grade float glass to create a frosted finish. This makes the glass pass through light. Step 2 We make the […]

How To Make Stained Glass?

August 24, 2018

Stained glass is widely used for windows, door, and doom. Step 1:To make the stained glass, first we need to prepare the material and tool. Stained color glass, glass cutter, wheel cutter, cutting oil, pliers, runner pliers, copper foil, soldering iron, solder, flux, grinder, safety glass, safety gloves. Step 2: make a sketches of the […]

In BC 3500, in Mesopotamia, People found the glass. From then, people develop more and more usage in many areas. Glass Physical properties: Transparent to visible light; so it is widely used for lens, glass lids, and windows Corrosion: Glass is corrosion-resistant[ but can be corroded by hydrofluoric acid. so glass can be made with many designs […]

Ginde Glass Co LTD located in Shahe City, 400 KM south of Beijing, in China. Our city is famous for all kinds of glass: building glass, decorative glass, mirror glass, tempered glass and so on.  Our company is specialized in glass deep processing product including Decorative Glass, Architectural Glass, Door Glass, Mirror Glass, Tempered Glass. This glass can […]