Ginde Glass is Specilist for UV&ice flower in decorative glass.  We have wide selections of design and color for the UV&Ice flower glass.

Nowdays, the ice flower mirror  become popular for it is cheaper price and rich design. Below is the process of Ice Flower Bathroom Mirror production process.

  1. Full sheet of ice flower mirror production

bathroom mirror glass from ginde glass manufacture china supplier exporterAfter the UV ink was silk-screen printed onto the surface of glass then heated into UV machine. UV inks were accomplished with convection heating, infrared energy, a combination of convection and infrared, UV energy, and air drying. With convection, the air is heated, transferring energy to the surface of the UV ink in the glass, so it forms different color of design on the glass.

After the ice flower is formed design on glass, then coated the glass by double fenzi aluminum mirror glass. So the front side of glass is ice flower design with mirror and back side of glass  is double fenzi coated by mirror back painted.

For the ice flower mirror glass, the size is 1830*2440 with many small design. This is the full sheet of bathroom. Because of the process, there is one limitation- the full sheet of glass should keep same color.

      2. Cut the bathroom mirror into small pcs

      3. Bevelling itbathroom mirror full sheet design bevelleding

      4. Packing it.bathroom mirror full sheet design bevelleding 2 bathroom mirror full sheet design bevelleding 2

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