Tempered Glass

Shower Door

With 5mm toughened glass, the shower enclosure range is incredibly versatile and will easily fit any wall configuration. Available in both white polished finish with frosted glass or polished finish with clear glass.

Tempered Glass Railing/Balustrade/Fence

Tempered Glass Railing/Balustrade/Fence thickness is from 10mm Toughened,12mm Toughened,15mm toughened,6+1.52+6mm Laminated,8+1.52+8mm laminated glass. Direct manufacturer and supplier from china.

Table Top Glass

We have a wide range of table top tempered glass to meet different client requirment. Table top glass thickenss is in 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and even 3/4″ thicknesses.  We also offer a wide range of colors including clear, bronze, gray, and blue, and we finish each piece with the perfect edge of your choice! Edges can be shiny, matte, or pencil-edged. Welcome to contact via Phone&Whatsapp +86 13931911140 for more information!

tempered glass

tempered glass can be used for various types of internal and external and glazed doors , shop windows, commercial entrance, table top, shelving, furniture , panel, and so on

Table Top Tempered Glass

Tempered glass tops in clear, frosted and black or white lacquered finishes. Thickness from 3mm to 15mm Available in different shapes and sizes.