Shower Door

With 5mm toughened glass, the shower enclosure range is incredibly versatile and will easily fit any wall configuration. Available in both white polished finish with frosted glass or polished finish with clear glass.


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Shower Door Detail

Inline Doors: These doors fit in a shower that has a single straight opening and include bypass doors (meaning sliding doors), single swing doors, and any door and panel configuration without angled panels.

Return Doors: The panel doesn’t line up to the door, but instead sits at a 90-degree angle. You can choose from a swing door or bypass door with a return panel.

Corner “Neo” Doors: With this option, your shower door is located in the center of two panels, both of which are angled at 135 degrees.


Swing Doors: Much like any door in your house, these doors swing out into the bathroom to allow entry into your shower.

Sliding Doors: A stylish and space-saving option, sliding doors move along a single line.  Some sliding enclosures feature bypass doors, where both sides slide, while others feature a sliding panel coupled with one that is fixed.

Rolling Doors: Much like sliding doors, rolling doors travel along a single plane.  However, advanced ball bearings ensure a premium glide along the track on a fixed panel.

Panel Enclosures: For fans of simplicity, panel-style enclosures offer the purest form of entry.  Assuming a strategically positioned shower head, and featuring no moving parts, panel enclosures keep the water in, while allowing for total freedom when entering.

3. Glass

Clear float glass, acid etched glass, custom design glass, texture glass and so on .

4. Frame

Framed: A framed enclosure includes framing around both the door opening and each panel. It’s the perfect way to complement the finishing on other fixtures in your bathroom.

Semi-framed: A semi-frameless enclosure has framing on each side of the larger piece, but not around the actual door or panel. It’s ideal if you want to incorporate your finishing without obstructing the view into your shower.

Frameless: These doors have minimal framing in order to provide the clearest view into your shower. It’s the best way to highlight tile, rain showerheads, and other high-end features.

5. Metal Finish

Differnce color of Metal are available to choose

Showe Door Packing

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