Decorative glass both has function and beauty. The addition of decorative glass can lead to an astonishing array of design options. Decorative glass can add color to projects, add images on panels, to diffuse light and disperse solar heat. Decorative glass is changeable, can be backlit for striking variety, or can be patterned for privacy and light at the same time. Below is the main usage of the decorative glass.

  1. Decorative glass for panel

Decorative glass can add a great additional for glass panel. It can provide privacy without losing light. replacing clear glass doors and windows with patterned glass panels will provide natural light and make people feel healthy and invigorated while maintaining the privacy. For the cabinet door panel, decorative glass can include a light inside the cabinet while create eye-catching display area that’s beautiful, empty or full. Adding color, pattern and etching to tempered glass, laminated glass and insulted glass are an exciting design trend, So Decorative glass give customers an astonishing eye-catching they never dreamed of.

  1. Frosted or painted glass for balustrade

Tempered clear float glass is usually used for balustrade. But if frosted or painted is used, it can have an eye-catching effect. Decorative glass balustrades are super stylish in minimalist than clear glass.

A painted glass balustrade can be a dramatic design statement, while a frosted glass balustrade can be used to display company logos or simply add privacy.

  1. Painted glass for splashback

One of our most popular installations in homes is painted glass splashbacks. Painted splashback is tough, durable, safe, hygienic and extremely stylish. And painted glass is available in an unlimited range of colours – Ginde Glass can even make painted glass colour match your glass splashbacks.


  1. Decorative windows or shop fronts

Decorative glass can add a sleek and stylish to shop frontage is to use decorative glass. Frosted glass can also be useful for adding privacy – either as a solid frosted panel or as a unique design. After laminated, tempered or insulted the decorative glass, it can also be used as safety glass for the front door.

  1. Decorative glass floors and stairs

Anti-slip glass or sandblasting glass can create a rougher surface texture, thereby increasing grip underfoot.

Decorative glass floors and stairs look more dramatic or sleek than a clear glass floor. Decorative glass floors and stairs is hard-wearing, easy to clean, beautiful to look at and allow natural light to flow through a building.

Frosted glass used for floors or stairs can create privacy installing while doing nothing to diminish the other benefits.

Decorative glass adding color, texture, etching and custom design can create unlimited effect and usage. No matter client need decoration , privacy or safety, Decorative glass can meet all of these needs while provide individual design.

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