In BC 3500, in Mesopotamia, People found the glass. From then, people develop more and more usage in many areas.

Glass Physical properties:

  • Transparent to visible light; so it is widely used for lens, glass lids, and windows
  • Corrosion: Glass is corrosion-resistant[ but can be corroded by hydrofluoric acid. so glass can be made with many designs and different finish in the surface, Like acid etched glass, frosted glass.
  • Strength: Glass can have a strength of 17 gigapascals and it can also be laminated, insulted, toughened and tempered to enhance its strength. So glass is widely used for bathroom, partition, and door.

People now develope more and more deep process to make more glass privacy and beauty. Usually, there are four basic way to make the custom design on the glass

Acid Etched Glass

How is the acid etched glass produced?

Acid etched glass is one of the oldest ways of decorative glass technology. Thousands of years ago, craftsman found when the hydrofluoric acid applied to the glass, the surface of the glass will have a frosted appearance.

Recently, people develop the design on the glass surface after using a mask to create intricate designs, lettering, and patterns. Ginde Glass develop mainly two way to produce the acid etched glass: one is by screen printing glass to make a sudden chemical change to form frosted or design effect on the surface of the glass like figure acid etched glass; the other way is to make the acid etched glass by the acid etched pool. According to the mask on the glass, the different formula of the hydrofluoric acid, and the time of hydrofluoric acid, we can form different finish and different level of privacy that client need, like acid frosted glass, non-finger print acid frosted glass, light acid etched glass, deep acid etched glass.

Titanium Coated Glass

TITANIUM COATING GLASSTitanium is also called titanium dioxide and the chemical formula is TIO2. Now titanium is coated onto the glass with a multilayer of a copper (Cu) layer sandwiched between titanium dioxide (TiO2). This titanium-coated film has the following features:

  • Highest visible transmittance of 90%
  • Infra-red (IR) reflectance of 85% at a wavelength of 1200 nm
  • Scratch resistance
  • Before coating, we can make an mask by screen printing to form titanium design on the glass
  • This titanium coated film color can be: silver, golden, purple, 24K golden color
  • Titanium coated glass can be acid etched and back painted deep process

Infrared UV Glass

uv glass ice flower glassAfter screen printing the UV ink onto the glass, then put the glass onto a special Infrared UV machine. Under the high temperature and UV light, the UV ink forms special design with color and texture. The Infrared UV glass is rich in color and texture. The features as below:

  • This Glass is shining under sunshine.
  • Infrared UV glass is also coated with aluminum or titanium coated to brighten the color.
  • Many colors are available.
  • Color no fade our under shine.
  • This glass resistant to the high temperature but can’t stand the high humid conditions.
  • If use the screen printing to make an mask on the glass surface, UV ink can form decorative design which is used in windows and partition

Screen printing glass

Screen printing technology is the main technology in decorative glass production. With the screen printing, people can form an design on the glass and also can form an mask on the glass.

These are the four basic way of decorative glass production. After making design onto the glass. Ginde Glass can also make insulted, laminated and tempered of the design glass to increase the strength of the glass.


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