The custom tempered table glass are made of clear or design thick float glass. This glass is superior strength and safety properties. It can protect table and furniture from scratches, nicks and stains. The custom tempered table glass top can magnify the texture of the table surface and create a surface much easier to clean. And after using the custom tempered table glass, furniture can extend the life.

When you place order of the custom tempered table glass , following should be consider and make a choice: shape, size, glass thickness, and edge finishes.

The custom tempered table glass top/cover

Shape: rectangle, round,irregular.

Size: custom size

Glass thickness: 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM,

Edge finished: flat edge, pencil edge,

We can fabricate table tops of any shape and thickness. We offer both annealed and tempered glass. We also offer replacement of tempered patio tables complete with umbrella hole. Welcome to contact with Ginde Glas  for 24 hours service. Florence Lee  +86 13931911140.

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  1. Brief and Direct to the point. Best of luck with the following! Thanks!

  2. Brief and Direct to the point. Thanks for sharing your posts!


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