What is acid etched glass

Acid etched glass is to use hydrofluoric acid in a tan to make frosted design on full sheet or selected place of a float glass to create design by abrading or roughening on clear float glass, ultra clear float glass or other glass substrates.

Why acid etched glass is popular

  • Acid etched glass design is beautiful, elegant and never come off.
  • Now bulk quantity production is available. Ginde Glass can produce acid etched glass 1 fcl for one day. But the sandblasting glass is very slow in production, so the cost of acid etched glass is lower and the price is very good.
  • Individual design for acid etched glass is easy to design.
  • Different finish of acid etched glass is available. It can be frosted finish or design on the surface of glass. And it can also etched or caved a shade design that is permanently etched in the glass

Different finish of acid etched glass has different uses. It can be used for photo frame glass, partition wall glass, sliding door glass, windows glass, shower door. And acid etched glass can be also deep processed by tempered, back painted, laminated and insulted. Now acid etched glass is widely used in high end, high visibility corporate, governmental and entertainment awards.


Different Frosted Glass Etching Design Finish

With the help of silkscreen printing machine, our craftsman print an protective film with design on the glass surface. After putting the stenciled glass into a tank of acid, the unexposed areas are protected by a stencil which creates the pattern on the glass and the exposed areas can be etched with a light surface or deep caved with shadow design. According to the finish that client need, Ginde glass create different finish through the control of the temperature of ice cream, the time of acid etched and hydrofluoric acid liquid which are made up of different chemicals to create different finish.

The surface of acid etched glass can be two mainly

One of the acid etched glass surface finish is with rugged peaks and deep valleys. This acid etched glass can absorbs and diffuses light. This effect is opaque. Different design has different level of opacity.


The other surface finish is smooth, rounded bumps. This glass mainly reduces reflective glare and a soft translucent appearance.

  • Anti-glare glass
  • Acid frosted glass
  • Non finger printed frosted glass


Ginde Glass can create different finish of acid etched glass according to client needs. Any interest, pls contact us 24 hours services whatsapp/wechat/phone +86 13931911140, and email us at 13931911140@qq.com.

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