We have aluminum mirror, silver mirror, color mirror decorative wall mirror ice flower glass and lead free and copper free mirror on produce. They can be used for bathroom mirror, make-up mirror, dressing mirror and so on.

Mirror (Silver Mirror, Aluminium Mirror, Color Mirror)

Mirrors are commonly made of glass with a smooth, polished surface that forms images by the reflection of rays and light. Mirrors are exceptionally useful and practical devices and are commonly used in every area of daily life.

High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce mirrors of exceptionally high quality.

Glass Mirror offers a number of different features, allowing customers to customize their mirrors exactly according to their requirement.

Characteristic Of Mirror:

  1. Available in silver or aluminum backing, suiting all atmospheric conditions.
  2. Produced in a range of thicknesses; 1.8,2,2.7,3,4,5,6mm and more.
  3. Many available colors; Clear Mirror,Bronze, Dark Blue, Lake Blue,Pink, Dark Green, Euro Gray, Mist Gray,etc.
  4. Beveled, edgework,and more to fit individual requirements.

 Aluminum Mirror VS Silver Mirror  

  • Aluminum mirror is coated aluminum power onto the exposed surface of the glass in a vacuum chamber and then coated with two layer of waterproof protective paint.
  • Silver mirror is coated a silver film, and two layer of waterproof on the surface of glass.
  • The processing of silver mirror is a kind of chemical process and aluminum mirror is a kind of physical process.
  • The Aluminium coated mirrors reflectance lower 2%~5% than silver mirror.
  • The Aluminium mirror polish side more difficulty than silver mirror.

Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror adopted the chemical plating method, which form the first silver reflective coating on its surface firstly, and plate the Copper protective film, then pour the first layer protection section, the second layer protection film. During the production process, it adopted the automatic production line with 130m long production lines. From the glass into the upper end, and then through polishing cleansing, sensitization, silver-plating, copper zing, splashing paint searing and then poured paint and then bake, clean, coloring, the detection has been completed in one time during the production process of silver plating, it can be packed immediately when the silver mirror came out from the machine.

Property Of Silver Mirror:

  1. The reflecting rate is about 92%, Real high fidelity imaging.
    2. The mirror is not easy to be oxidized both in the center and on the edges, the advantage of resistance to corrosion and humidity offer a product life three times longer than conventional aluminum glass.
    3. Company logo and special letters can be printed on the back of the mirror according to customer’s demand.
    4. The mirror can be made into safety mirror through sticking special PE film in the backside (both CATI and CATII are available).
    5. Suitable for deep processing, can be cut to any size and any shape, edgeworks including bevel, flat polish, pencil polish are available, can be made into beautiful decorative mirror (like beveled mirror and polished edge mirror etc).
  2. Lead free coating available, the pollution to the environment by broken pieces can been minimized, satisfied with the environment requirements in Europe, America and other developed region.

Application Of Silver Mirror:

  1. Interior decoration of buildings (store, gymnasium, bathroom, washroom, etc)
  2. Specification: Silver mirror’s thickness: 2~8 mm
    Maximum size: 2440 x 3660mm

Notices Of Silver Mirror:

  1. The storage area must be dry and a constant temperature maintained to avoid paint bubbles or color change.
  2. Keep away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors, etc.
  3. Placed vertically and paper interleaved.
  4. Do not store in outdoors.



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