For the decorative glass, there are basicly four process: Acid etched glass, titanium coated mirror glass, UV&ice flower glass and silk screen printinglass.

Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass has become popular in building and decoration. The variations in chemistry and other parameters create different surfaces with distinct visual and performance characteristics. Difference acid etched glass can reduce glare and reflection, add privacy, increase light transmission, and provide texture. Acid etched glass product include: non glare /anti glare acid etched glass, acid frosted glass, light acid etched glass and deep acid etched glass.decorative acid etched frosted glass

Finish Anti glare glass, acid frosted glass, light acid etched glass, deep acid etched glass
Color Clear
Design fade out Never
Tempered yes
Process Acid etched
Picture Right

Titanium Coated Mirror Glass

Titanium Coated Mirror Glass is environmental protection unleaded, semi-reflective glass and titanium pattern mirrors. The reflective design is two-way reflection from both sides of the glass. Titanium coated mirror glass is coated by sputtering vacuum coating equipment after silkscreen printing with protective film to form its design.titanium coated mirror decorative glass

Finish Like mirror effect
Color Silver, golden, purple
Design fade out No
Tempered Yes(pls confirm with us before order again)
Process Coated
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UV&Ice Flower Glass

UV ink was used in heat-strengthening decorative glass. This UV ink was silk-screen printed onto the surface of glass then heated into UV machine. UV inks were accomplished with convection heating, infrared energy, a combination of convection and infrared, UV energy, and air drying. With convection, the air is heated, transferring energy to the surface of the UV ink in the glass, so it forms different color of design in the glass.uv ice flower glass decorative glass

Finish UV texture
Color Pink, red, green, bronze ,champagne and so on
Design fade out Put into water the ink will drop off
Tempered No,
Process infrared
Picture Right

Silkscreen Printing Glass

With the use of silk-screens, we can print different images on glass, with opaque ceramic inks, with the desired design and RAL color. After the heating process the inks are vitrified and the screen-printed images remain unaltered with time.Silk screen printing glassdecorative silkscreen printing glass

Finish Colorful design
Color Any color as the design
Design fade out No
Tempered No,
Process Silkscreen printing
Picutre Right


These four different type of glass has its own character. And now client prefer to combine different process into one sheet to create individual design.

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