Storage Of  Glass

  1. It is advisable to unpack immediately after reception and store in a dry, well-ventilated place free from sudden changes of temperature to avoid condensation;
  2. Never store outdoors or in unheated place;
  3. When storing for over 3 months, it’s advisable to remove the paper from between the plates;
  4. In the case of storage in unfavourableenvironmental conditions (high humidity andstrong temperature changes), it is advisable to slightly space one plate from another;
  5. Storing for more than 12 months is not advisable;
  6. To avoid scratching the surface of the glass during handling and storage, plates should always be separated by means of spacers.
  7. High humidity and heat envirment will make the glass pasted together. Glass can’t store near steam and water pipes.
  8. Place exposed to chemical fumes will also damdage glass.
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