We get a lot of questions about a subject we are passionate about– stained glass.  We love answering those questions for potential and existing customers alike to help them along their way to a more beautiful home. The questions are on various topics: styles, colors, restoration vs. repair.  One question we get frequently is what the difference is between stained glass and leaded glass and where beveled fits in. As it turns out–stained and leaded glass are more or less the same thing. However, read below for more details on these types of stained glass and for more information on our craft.

What is Stained Glass vs. Leaded Glass?

For homeowners ,  the terms stained glass and leaded glass interchangeably. The leaded glass is usually apply to copper or zinc camping. Ginde Glass uses zinc or copper camping and leads the glass panels together. And the glass panels are usually can stay up to 20 years. The traditional church glass used leaded glass technique. And the stained glass refers to color on glass (it is more like drawing on clear glass). So, in the stained glass industry, we generally refer to stained glass as having color and leaded glass as being clear.  So, while all stained glass is leaded, all leaded glass is not stained. The difference is tiny but knowing this may help you better communicate exactly what you are looking for on your requirment.

The leaded glass is usually used as window, and door glass, and the stained glass is applied as home decoration and room partition.

What Is Beveled Glass?

Beveled glass is a piece of glass, usually clear, that has an angled cut around the periphery.  This angled cut helps reflect light in beautiful ways creates gorgeous depth and character.

What is Textured Glass?

Although plain leaded glass is clear and usually without color, it is hardly dull.  This is because it often has textured glass pieces in it. Textured glass pieces have appearances all the way from wavy designs (called “water glass”) to feathery textures called “glue chip”.  Using textured glass in leaded glass windows is a great way to add an air of elegance to any area of your home: entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, sidelights and more.

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